Sunday, February 8, 2009

Operations Team Huddles

The demand for our service has grown at an unprecedented rate. Every operational area in our system is feeling the increase in volume.

The Operations Team began on-site huddles this week. Our intention is not to bring answers or solutions but to help discover solutions with you through the use of systematic testing. We spent three mornings in the Emergency Department to learn more about some of the space and flow challenges that they face from the people who work in that area.

Several small tests were conducted on Friday aimed at bringing care providers closer to the patients. You will see two new satellite lab draw areas in the Emergency Department. The feedback on Friday about these satellite areas was positive and minor modifications are already being tested. We will keep you posted. In addition, we plan to test the use of a navigator in the third floor lobby. We will post the results of the tests but have not determined where and how to best do that so that everyone can easily follow along. Any suggestions?

I want to thank everyone for such a gracious response to our presence and willingness to share and learn together.


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