Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celebrating the 2010 CCRMC Change Agent Fellows

It was a day of celebration at CCRMC as the 2010 Change Agent Fellows presented what they've discovered on their journey over the last twelve months.
The fellows began the year by asking simple yet powerful questions such as: why are people waiting for service, can we bring patients into the center of our decision making processes and where oh where are all the scrubs going?

You may think these are basic questions, but as the fellows began to question the assumptions that are embedded deep in our systems and challenge us to test news ways of doing things, they drove powerful change across our system. To learn more about their journey, you can read each of their stories on iSite. I will post links to them here as soon as I get them up.

My deepest gratitude to the fellows and to all of you who have made this first leg of their journey truly transformational not only for the fellows but for us all.


  1. Congratulations to the Fellows on their amazing personal change and the changes they have graciously assisted our hospital staff and community members to achieve in partnership.

    As a Family member who participated in 3 Improvement Events, I was privileged to witness your individual transformation. You welcomed me to a new world and made me feel part of your team and part of the change. It has been an amazing experience to be part of this movement into deep democracy, transparency, and truth. You have set the bar high for all to follow. Thank you for your hard work and service to our community.

    My congratualtions also to the mentors and supporters of the Fellows! What a wonderful journey and community celebration for us all...

  2. Congratulations CCRMC Fellows!