Saturday, December 11, 2010

CCRMC and HC Perinatal Value Stream Mapping- blog post from NAPH

Here is a post from Lindsey Marshall at NAPH, who recently joined us at CCRMC to learn more about our improvement efforts.

"During the week of October 25, I had the opportunity to visit Contra Costa Health Services in Martinez, CA, to observe a week-long “Kaizen” quality improvement event focusing on perinatal care. The Kaizen method, derived from Japanese management concepts, means change (“Kai”) to become good (“Zen”).[1] Above all, the Kaizen method focuses on helping employees learn to spot and eliminate waste in business processes.[2] Over the past year, Contra Costa has adopted the Kaizen method to support them in improving key service lines, including psychiatric care programs and perinatal care. While attending this event, I learned how Contra Costa is using Kaizen to identify waste and strategies for improvement in perinatal care. I also came away with observations about the value of this type of work for safety net hospitals...." Continue reading the entire post on the NAPH blog Safety Net Matters.

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