Monday, November 28, 2011

Go with your gut

To further improve the detection and response of people who are demonstrating signs of imminent clinical deterioration, we are beginning a medical center wide "Go with your gut" initiative.  Although criteria for calling the "Rapid Response Team" (RRT) is defined in medical center policy, the various criteria cannot possibly cover all situations.  We are asking front line nursing staff, physicians, patients, family members and ancillary staff to follow your gut instinct and call for help whenever you are concerned or when you feel things are not quite right.

The Rapid Response Team members hope to raise awareness of this critical safety net rescue team.  According to Rapid Response Team nurses, "The RRT brings an extra pair of hands, a new set of eyes, assist in determining the patient's monitoring needs, and most importantly, brings critical care to the bedside"
You are the most important link in our safety system. I encourage you to trust your instincts and "Go with your gut."


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