Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alto Desempeño en Salud: las reflejos de Pedro Delgado

Un improver asombroso bloguea acerca de su viaje para mejorar seguridad paciente en Irlanda del Norte.

Pedro Delgado, an amazing leader in quality improvement and patient safety, blogs about the journey in Northern Ireland and the UK to improve patient safety. In his recent post Inutil, he stresses that as professionals we have two roles; our work and to continuously improve.

He reminds us of Don Berwick's comments in his plenary speech at the 2009 International Forum on Quality and Safety in Health Care in Berlin. Don Berwick asserts that we would all be better off "if professionals (us) would behave with patients and families not as their hosts in our care system, but as guests in their lives."

This is a wonderful read and well worth the time. I also want to remind everyone that the blogs are accessible via the web to anyone. Please encourage those we serve to learn more about what we are doing in our system and around the world to improve health care. Pedro's blog is a great place for Spanish readers to learn more about quality improvement and patient safety in health care.

Click here to go to Pedro's blog.

Thank you for sharing your blog with us Pedro. I look forward to following your journey El cruce de la Sima de Calidad!

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