Monday, April 27, 2009


As you know, there is a national health emergency in place. The outbreak of swine flu in Mexico has been deadly and has caused a shut down of normal operations in that country.
There have also been 5 states in the United States so far that have confirmed cases.
We are in preparation mode for further information and/or action plans.
At this point, at CCRMC and Health Centers, we are doing the following:

1) Respiratory precautions,
2) Appropriate testing and cultures
3) Capacity planning with regional partners
4) Frequent informational updates.

There will be twice daily open huddles--9AM and 4PM, in Conference Room One, Building 1 starting today at 4PM.

Any questions, call Anna Roth 370-5101.

Jeffrey V. Smith, MD, JD
Executive Director
Contra Costa Regional Medical CenterAnd Health Centers

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