Wednesday, May 28, 2014

4612 Welcome moments - Zero complaints -- Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Welcome 24/7---Update

Nine months ago, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center made it a priority to respect family members/care partners as a valuable part of the patient’s care team by transforming our then "Visitor Policy" to what is now know as our Welcoming Policy. We recognized the great benefits a patient receives while having loved-ones by their side during care transitions, moments of decision-making, and to provide overall comfort.

As with any new practice implementation - areas for improvement were identified and quick fixes that employees, patients and loved ones suggested were trialed. Our staff took the initiative and worked admirably to ensure safety and well-being was never compromised. Together these ideas and changes in practice have helped to support family and loved-one presence during hospital stays at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC). 

4612 Welcome moments - Zero complaints
I am excited to share a recent data  that shows just how many family members/care partners have taken advantage of our new Welcoming Policy. The chart below shows the amount of family members/care partners that have passed through the CCRMC main entrance or Emergency Department after normal business hours, 8:00 PM - 7:00 AM.
Here the same data by unit.
For those who may be interested in our policies and data collection tools, we have updated those on our Welcoming page on our public website.  

For staff who want to follow along with the data, please check "By the Number's" on iSite for the current data.

Many thanks to everyone for supporting family and loved-one presence. This important step supports safety and healing.
More very soon,