Monday, December 15, 2008

Hungry For Bread

The world is a challenging place right now--financial recession, upside down mortgages, high unemployment, dramatic inequities, wars, terrorism, global warming, etc. etc.

Sometimes it may seem overwhelming, maybe even an impossible situation.

How do we deal with all of this...and the need to improve health care, maintain safety in health care, and simply do our jobs in an efficient and effective manner?

That is what Dr. Berwick was talking about when he talked about "words" being the "bread" for a hungry person. As bread brings nourishment to our bodies, meaningful words bring purpose to our work and our mission.

Those words may be somewhat different for everyone, but they will almost always hold a few universal truths, such as....

The work we all do improves the world one step at a time! Many steps join together to make a journey. And, every journey toward quality and caring moves someone to a better place.

I think Dr. Berwick was simply saying that the strength to move to a better place is built by simple steps forward in the face of great challenge.

Good job, CCRMC and HC employees and staff!!!!


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