Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sing Out Loud

As we begin week two of our Value Stream Mapping, we continue our journey toward the reliable delivery of care that is always safe, timely, patient-centered, effective, efficient and equitable. I want to thank everyone for your genuine interest and tireless efforts as we move forward. I know it isn't always easy.

I offer two very brief examples of those who, when faced with criticism and resistance, stood their ground. I have added links to both examples if you want to learn more.

"To fly, we have to have resistance" -Maya Ying Lin

Maya Yin Lin, was a 20-year-old student from Yale University who faced significant criticism of her design for what has become the most-visited memorial in Washington DC, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial. In the midst of tremendous challenge, Lin remained focused in her vision and after extensive review from several government agencies, her design was chosen… yet Lin wasn't even mentioned at the dedication ceremony.

Lin has since gone on to design all over the world. A few examples of her work includes the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama and an Academy Award-winning documentary Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision. In 2003, Lin served on the selection committee for the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition.

"I want to be like Elaine Paige"- Susan Boyle

This one seems a bit light-hearted, but I found it wonderful and inspirational to watch Susan Boyle – as people sat laughing at her and making fun of her – stand tall and sing out loud.
Here is the link to her video.

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