Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Grasping for Salvation" Is the Mighty Toyota Falling?- Toyoda speaks about Toyota

Drawing from Collin's latest book "How the Mighty Fall" Akio Toyoda speaks candidly about the state of Toyota and publicly "apologized for the death of a California family in a crash that led the company to recall 3.8 million cars in the US to take out floor mats."*

If you've had the opportunity to read one of the many books written about Toyota then you know that this type of what I see as accountable and transparent leadership seems to be an enduring attribute of the Toyoda family legacy. Because of the bleak economic situation in Japan after the World War II, the company was forced to go back on its no-dismissal policy and lay off 1600 employees. At that time Kiichiro Toyoda took full responsibility for the organization's problems and resigned.*

I read the comments about Toyoda's state of the organization update and was wondering what do others think? So many of the comments seem angry. I'm not sure why? I wonder what people think the leader should do? Should he not have come public to tell others what his assessment is?

Any thoughts? I'm not asking about Toyota (the company), however those are welcome, but any thoughts on Toyoda (the leader)?

Is this transparent leadership or do you agree with the comments?

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  1. I think the blame game doesn't help. Reading the comments it reads like disgruntled people who seem angry at the company.

    On his leadership. How often do you see the boss own up? Too often they blame others. Good for him.