Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you

If you have a chance stop by the ambulance bay of the CSU, members from our community are volunteering their time and talent giving the CSU entrance a "face lift." I encourage you all to "go and see" and say hello as this wonderful project takes form.

I'll keep you posted and look forward to seeing you all at the next Behavioral Health Kaizen Report Out on Friday, May 14 at 10:00 AM in the CCRMC Lobby.

Below are pictures from today's painting:
Joy can do this with her eyes closed. She did teach me how to do this without making a mess.They did humor me and let me help a tiny bit. I enjoyed painting but conceded and left it to the talent!Once you start painting it is difficult not to keep noticing every little spot. I couldn't pull myself away. My deepest gratitude to Brenda Crawford and Dave Kahler for their leadership of this project. Thank you to the medical staff office for my birthday song (and cake) and to all who joined in the celebration of the work of the amazing artists who are dedicating their time, skill and spirit redesigning the entry of the CSU!


  1. Simply fabulous! What a joyous community colloboration. My respect and gratitude to the talented artists, my deep appreciation to my partners, Dave, Brenda and Anna.

    I hate missing parties! I would have been there if I knew that there would be cake...a blessed and Happy Birthday Anna...Teresa

  2. Thank you Teresa.

    I don't mean to rub it in but the cake was delicious!

    The entry looks fantastic.

  3. Catherine Zonfrello05 May, 2010 15:57

    What a great way to celebrate the Boss' Birthday - with a portable party while she was busy painting the CSU!!

  4. Teresa -- you MISSED it!

  5. The door looks awesome, YOU ROCK

  6. Iman Simmons05 May, 2010 19:10

    Happy birthday, Anna. You all are doing fabulous work... Iman

  7. Thank you Iman.

    We are humbled by your kind words as we always learn from the strong work of San Francisco General Hospital- a truly great public hospital and partner.

  8. Happy Birthday Anna, Keep up the great work!