Saturday, July 24, 2010

How are we doing? CCRMC innovation teams report on making performance visible

I can hardly find words to describe the report-out and work the innovation teams presented at Thursday's CCRMC Improvement Academy. It was truly out of the box thinking at its finest. There is video coming and it does include the "Just try it" (Team JTI) team's singing performance!

The JTI (try team) team demonstrated the value of conducting tests and simulation and measuring your results as you go. Their presentation ranged from a very clever song, to a skit where Beth played a holographic image who appears in the medical center lobby "virtual information kiosk" to assist a laboring mother who's "water" broke. If that seems a bit outlandish, check out this demo IDEO and BBVA show of an ATM redesign. You'll see how they actually have a person come on screen to help visually guide users.

The eyeView (look team) team presented a simulation of a touch screen device that directs patients, visitors and staff to needed information when visiting our medical center, including our performance data.

The Riddlers (ask team) spent the week interviewing staff, patients, system leaders and our governing boards offices.They learned that patients were interested in things like posting wait times and number of minutes your provider spends with you. Users also wanted to know about our performance in areas such as infection rates and errors. Staff wanted to know about the vision and strategy and to see how what they do ties into that.The Board offices said they would like simple indicators that are up to date, simply presented and for us tell them how we compare to other systems. All wanted performance data translated and presented in a simple way such as; good-better-best. Did you meet the goal(?), yes or no etc...

The Thinking Caps (learn team) conducted secondary review of literature and web search from airlines, museums, Apple, IDEO and many others. Based on IDEO's presentation of their featured work, they mocked and presented a "featured work" page of some of CCRMC's portfolio of performance improvement efforts - CHF, VAP, Palliative Care, Medication Safety etc, you get the idea. They arrayed our improvement efforts in a like manner creating examples of how our projects would look using IDEO's presentation style as inspiration. They even designed some of the pages you would see if you clicked on the project main picture.

The four teams they all identified similar themes to guide us in presenting our performance data.

• Keep it simple
• Keep it current
• Keep it relevant
• Make it easy

There was a build up of energy and synergy in the room as the teams presented. By midway through the presentations I thought the Director of Safety and Performance Improvement, Shelly Whalon and I were in jeopardy of needing tissue for tears of joy! The teams out did anything we could have imagined!

We received very positive feedback about the use of the IDEO Methods Cards. Teams found them easy to use and said they will use them again. Generally, teams liked the quick turn around time of one week. I did have one person tell me they wished there was more time to be a bit more thorough. We both agreed that the quick turn around time encouraged design of a test as opposed to a finished product that we intend to implement across the system. Some people said they felt relieved they were designing for a testing or simulation environment, explaining they felt they could dream and be creative knowing it didn't need to be ready to be implemented. Others have set off for design/innovation cycle number two (let's call it PDSA #2) and are developing prototypes of the electronic picture dashboard to place in a test environment by this coming Tuesday.

My description is not doing the presentations and the leaps in innovation justice. I began by saying I could hardly find the words. I hope others will share their experience to help describe what the teams presented.

I will post the video as soon as possible.

Congratulations to all the teams and all those who helped them by providing input. You presented wonderful and creative ideas to test and build on and you made it fun.

Thank you!


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