Sunday, December 11, 2011


Being a mother of many of them, I'll admit there are days I just can't seem to understand the new generation. I've complained that when we were young we used to actually talk to one another rather than text, email or update our status on Facebook. I've mistakenly viewed this type of communication as superficial. This subgroup of young people are now referred to as "GenWorld: The new Generation of Global Teens." My daughter, one of these "superconnecters," did confirm that just like good-old-fashioned, face-to-face conversations, some of these interactions are less than deep. As an example of a contrasting type of communication she offered the video below of Jonah. I was deeply moved.

As some of you may know, suicide prevention is near and dear to my heart. Others may not know this, but bullying is also something I am quite concerned about. One of the most heartbreaking stories I can recall is that of a 12-year-old girl who took her own life after being bullied. I will never forget the horror and heartbreaking cries of her parents as we informed them in a quiet room outside of our emergency department. When I watch this video and just a few of the responses (there are too many to list), it's clear the new generation is still connecting with one another in a very powerful way.

The following video's are quite sad. Yet the connection and words of hope and support are inspiring and prevail. Although not in the same way we did, I am reassured the new generation are connecting with each other in meaningful ways. I have much to learn.

Thank you, Elena.

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  1. Every day we are finding new ways to reach out. Love you, Mom.