Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking Eggs (or not?): NAPH Fellows Visit Contra Costa Regional Medical Center

CCRMC had the honor today of hosting the this year’s National Association of Public Hospital and Health Systems (NAPH), fellows. It was exciting to meet leaders from across the country embarking on a journey I took myself just a few years ago. The visit was part of the fellows learning session which coincides with the NAPH annual conference, which starts Wednesday in San Francisco.

Our Health Services Director Dr. William Walker and I had the privilege to share our organization's story and to talk about some of the accomplishments here at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers. We started the day in our Redwood Grove and then the fellows were given a tour of our hospital in areas that have been the focus of some of our improvement efforts.

Patient and Family Member Partners shared their stories and our staff shared lessons we have learned in the application of the Model for Improvement and Lean management. Our guests had a chance to participate in interactive exercises designed to illustrate how Lean and rapid improvement works. I was struck by the creativity of the different groups when designing. One of my favorite parts of the day was watching the imaginative design concepts that teams came up with to protect an egg from breaking when dropped several feet from a ladder!

It was reinvigorating to spend time with the NAPH fellows. Today was yet another reminder of how truly important and essential the improvement work you are all doing is. I look forward to presenting on patient and family involvement this Thursday at the NAPH conference and am excited to hear what other systems are tackling so stay tuned.

More very soon.

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  1. Sounds really stimulating and exciting. How nice that they chose to come to CCRMC!