Friday, September 13, 2013

Making Great Strides in Fighting Sepsis

CCRMC Making Great Strides in Fighting Sepsis 

Every year, there are many sepsis deaths as heart attacks. In fact, sepsis kills more people than breast, colon, pancreatic and prostate cancer combined. Much attention and effort has been focused on reducing sepsis in the hospital setting, and in observance of World Sepsis Day, I want to congratulate the staff at our Contra Costa Regional Medical Center for reducing the sepsis mortality rate by nearly 50%.

The credit for this accomplishment belongs to our frontline staff and our Sepsis Team, which formed in 2010 with the goal of improving severe sepsis detection and management. The multidisciplinary Sepsis Team—which includes physicians, nurses, and representatives from administration, infection control and pharmacy services—has worked tirelessly to ensure we are delivering timely care. Their work isn’t simply making a statistical difference – it’s saving lives.
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  1. To the team:
    I want to give all of the members of the Improving Sepsis Care Team a huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for all of your hard work!
    Team Leader, Ira-Beda Sabio, Kim Hauer,RN; Jill Miller,RN; Wayne Dixon, RN, Senait Tesfe, RN; Myra Millena, RN; Nadia Aslam,Pharmacy; Kathy Ferris, RN; Kathleen Avila, RN; Denise Puzzuto, RN; Neil Jayasekara, MD; Stevani Verducci, Lai Ping Wan, RN; Helena Martey, RN; Jeanette Black RN; Pramita Kuruvilla, MD; sergio Urcuyo, MD; Stuart Forman, MD; Sara Levin, MD;

    Through your efforts, we are truly saving lives! This is an achievement to be very proud of!!!

    I know many of you have recently been to a seminar that sparked new ideas to test, and I know that you have been working so hard in the last year to test many changes and implement improvements.
    I am very excited to see all the improvements you will make in the coming 12 months as well !!!
    Kathy Johnson, Director, Safety and Performance Improvement