Friday, December 6, 2013

CCRMC and HC Strategic Planning Update

Moving Forward

The summer was a busy one with our ongoing strategic planning as we gear up for full implementation of Health Care Reform.
This process has brought together leadership, staff, labor, patients and partners, and we are making progress. We held our second strategic planning session at the end of August to hear back from the four design teams created following our May planning session. Those teams include the Purpose Team, whose task is to establish and communicate the purpose of the organization; the Linkage Map Team, which looked at how CCRMC and Health Centers fits into our system and the larger community; the Whole System Measures Team, which created measures that reflect a health system's overall performance in quality and value over time and is working on a dashboard to share the information; and the Voice of the Patient/Telling our Story Team whose purpose is to communicate our mission.
We are pulling this all together into a draft strategic plan. The next steps will be to review the plan and get feedback with an expected release of the final product by February 2014. We will be reaching out to staff, patients and family members, and our community as a whole in a variety of ways, including our website, so please stay tuned. Taking this conversation to the employees and the community will be a shared effort. Our goal is to get input from everyone and to fill in gaps that we may not see, but others will.
This is challenging but necessary work, and we must remain focused. Health Care Reform means new rules, and we, like other delivery systems, must evolve to adapt to this changing environment. This year has been a critical planning period, and we are taking a hard and long look at the role we play and our purpose as it relates to the community and region.  It is an exciting time with all of the improvements we are undergoing as a system and a country, as history is made with enrollment starting tomorrow in the state health insurance exchange, Covered California (see our website for helpful information). I talk about this and more in my monthly newsletter, The Update.
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