Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kaizen Report-Out

The report-out was breathtaking! I hope you take a moment to reflect on the wonderful work you and your colleagues are doing. We are surrounded by an amazing team. To borrow the elegant description used by Dr. Walker, our system has made "quantum leaps" this year. How privileged we have been to learn from Tom Jackson, Patty Crome and Mike Rona from Rona Consulting who "taught us to fish" (Applegate, M. 2010, Kaizen 3 Report-Out). Our community partners have shined a light on our system creating new opportunities for us to grow.

Although not all the improvement teams presented today (not to worry,they will as we move through the year), with over 50 people presenting, the report served as a shining example of the improvement work you are all leading in our system.

Thank you to all the teams who presented, to all the teams who listened and learned and to all of you who challenge our system to reach farther every day.

Below are some pictures from the report.
The complete set of pictures will be in the visibility room. We are still determining the best space to use to make safety and improvement work visible and conduct 7- minute stand-up reports. Where do you think it should be? Watch for its opening in the coming weeks!

FYI- Here's an article on The Lean Operating Room from Stryker's Director of Lean Europe, Middle East and Africa. I think you'll see the alignment of the work at CCRMC.

This was in the comments. I'm posting it here so it isn't missed.
From Teresa Pasquini about yesterday's report-out~
BRAVO CCRMC, Clinics, Staff and Administration! What an honor it was to observe your re-design achievements and share in your celebration. As a life time resident of Contra Costa County, I congratulate you on dedication to quality care and quality service to our community. I am inspired by all the common things being done uncommonly well. Thank you....Teresa

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  1. This was the most transparent, informational forum I have ever sat in on. I want to encourage all of you to keep up the good work. Your leadership inspires and encourages others to make a positive difference in their areas of responsibility.