Sunday, January 31, 2010

Word from Haiti

Become a fan of Contra Costa Health Services on Facebook and you can follow the CCRMC doctors in Haiti. Kate Fowlie, CCHS Communications Officer, is doing a fantastic job keeping the posts current. You can also find more information on the CCRMC website.

Here are pictures of CCRMC Dr. Neil Jayasekera and Dr. Bill Peterson as he boards a military truck which took the doctors along with translators, soldiers and medical supplies to provide medical care in the tent cities in Haiti.

Saturday, 30 January...
From Dr. Reilly via email: “going from tent city to tent city in humvees w/ 62nd Airborne Division…treating a lot of dehydration…kids anemic w/ distended bellies. Babies nursing from moms who are dehydrated. It’s hot & dry and dust is causing response & ocular (eye) complaints. Children still play, making kites from plastic ration bags & banging drums made of empty water vessels. Last night we heard singing from the tent city in the distance.”

Friday, 29 January...
CCRMC Dr. Pramita Kuruvilla reports from Haiti that they are spreading out from the hospital to mobile clinics as well: "the post-operative care needs are huge. Many bandaged people in the community, from amputees to kids with healing open wounds at risk for severe infection. The spirit of Haiti is strong despite all."

Thursday, 28 January...
CCRMC Dr. Brenda Reilly reports from Haiti: arrived & are living in a “tent” town in the courtyard of St. Damien’s Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince. They are caring for orphaned children, including newborns, & adults who are severely injured or ill. “Tetanus claiming lives,” she says. “Mode of transport...within hospital is several people carrying thin mattress bearing post-op patient.”

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