Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thinking beyond design to design thinking

I'm posting a TED talk by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO. His talk is about design thinking and thinking BIG. Photo source


Design begins with humans
• Understand culture and context
• Begin with people and what they need

Learn by making
• Instead of thinking about what to build, build in order to think.
• Prototypes speed up the process of innovation

From consumption to participation
• Shift from a passive relationship between user and provider to design of participatory systems.

Take design out of the hands of designers and place it into the hands of everyone
• Seek active participation of the community, of people
• What do people need? What is the question we are trying to answer?

Focus on systems
• Think BIG: Move away from the ever shrinking canvas of design which is focused on aesthetics, image and fashion, perfecting and refining what we already have (the current solutions)
• In times of change we need new ideas and new alternatives

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