Thursday, June 23, 2011

Access to Care: Value Stream Mapping Report-Out Friday, June 24 in Richmond, Martinez and Pittsburg

See the slideshow here.

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers
              Mapping the Appointments Value Stream
On Friday, June 24, 2011, a Value Stream Mapping team will report on a week of analysis focused on improving access to Contra Costa Health Services’ Appointments. Staff and the public are invited to attend a presentation at one of the following locations:

​Richmond Health Center 7:30 am
​Contra Costa Regional Medical Center 10:00 am
​Pittsburg Health Center 12:15 pm
​Staff and community members are mapping the current state of Appointments from the perspective of the patient’s experience. During subsequent Rapid Improvement Events (Kaizen) over the next few months, synergistic teams will plan, test and launch innovative solutions to improve access to care throughout our health system. Results will be measured against the current state to provide powerful evidence of actual improvement.
Please join me to hear from the team this Friday as they present the results of their work.

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