Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday MHCC

I was honored to spend the evening celebrating the 35th Birthday of Mental Health Consumer Concerns, the nations oldest consumer advocacy organization. It was a night filled with stories of courage and hope. I was humbled as I listened to accounts of amazing people overcoming what seemed impossible barriers. Far too many of these barriers come from the healthcare system itself. We have much to learn from those who use our system. Happy Birthday, MHCC.
Mental Health Provider of the Year, John Allen with John Gragnani
Contra Costa Health Services Mental Health Director (retiring), Donna Wigand with CCC Senior Deputy County Administrator, Dorothy Sansoe
Mother, Patient and Family Advocate and CCRMC Healthcare Partner, Teresa Pasquini, Dorothy Sansoe, myself and MHCC Executive Director, Consumer Advocate and CCRMC Healthcare Parter, Brenda Crawford
John Gragnani, Brenda Crawford
Wonderful to see Donna and Dorothy
The founders of the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Healthcare Partnership! Teresa Pasquini, Patient and Family Advocate and NAMI member, Dave Kahler and Brenda Crawford
Loved the Big Band
California State Senator, Mark DeSaulnier, a fierce and unyielding advocate for health for all
It was fantastic to run into Stan. Stan is one of the community members who redesigned and painted the entry to the Psychiatric Emergency Services.


  1. Sorry I had to miss. Everyone looks so fabulous! Congrats for 35 years of amazing work to MHCC.

  2. What great pictures! A great celebration of the consumer movement and MHCC's historical contribution to the right to recovery for mental health consumers. Happy 35th MHCC! I have deep appreciation for their spirit.

    Yes the system still creates barriers to recovery for too many. The CCRMC Healthcare Partnership has challenged those barriers and removed a few. We will remain vigilant and push to the tipping point of change as partners in health and recovery for all.

    P.S. Julie, we missed you....T