Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mapping the Way Forward: Concord Health Center Primary Care VSM Report Out

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It was a great Report-Out this Friday. The VSM team which was made up of employees from clinics across our system and a patient Healthcare Partner came together to review the flow and experience of care in the Concord Health Center. The team uses direct observation to see and time our processes and then, from the patients perspective, value or non-value is assigned to time and tasks.

The team looked at direct care activities which focused on what happens when someone comes to the clinic, an example being an appointment to see your primary care provider at the clinic. Indirect care activities are processes happening in the background usually while a patient waits for something. A common indirect care activity are the process steps and time spent waiting for a prescription refill request from a patient calling in to their providers office. I've posted A4 above for your review.

The headline from the report: Unexplained Variation Must Go!

The team found multiple ways of refilling a prescription, they showed us six ways after only 3 days of observation at one clinic site. Roles and responsibilities of staff were variable as well. What the team reported and what you will see on the A3 is that the upcoming focus of the teams have a clear theme of removing variation and organizing to create predictable flow for both direct and indirect care processes.

The A3 is below for your review and the Kaizen Post Card will be sent out in the coming days. The data for this work can be found Conference Room One at CCRMC. Results of the tests of new work flows will be displayed there as well.

Many thanks to the team for your work this week and for all of those who came out at the three sites to hear this important report-out.

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  1. Congratulations to the team on this great work at the Concord Clinic. I am so sorry to have missed the Report Out. There is truly nothing more inspiring than to partner with our county staff and improve this great public system together. The Kaizen process is my favorite improvement method because of the scientific and human balance. It is factual and real. The depth, simplicity and transparency make it a special. Thank you for this blog post to show our community and the world of the great work at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers!