Saturday, August 22, 2009

Into a new world

"and we shall learn" -W. Edwards Deming

In response to our session on variation I thought you may like the video below. W. Edwards Deming uses powerful descriptions such as being in prison. Sound familiar to what some of those who played the game said?

What Deming says is needed is "transformation, which will come from movement into a new world."
Movement into a new world? What does that mean? Does it feel like we are, or should sustain our system as is? If we were to change, how should we change? Where is the new world? Are there any signs leading us?

For those of you who attended the session this week I'm curious to hear what you think of this video and if you have any thoughts about this concept of movement into a new world?

Thanks to everyone for coming and learning together. We'll try and post the video from our session here and on iSite in the next few days.


Please join us for our next session:
Variation Happens
Thursday September 27th at 9:00am at CCRMC Building One Conference Room One.

Here is a very brief clip of Deming- Enjoy!

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