Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Uninsured in California: Interactive Map from the Sac Bee

Here is an interactive map of those under 65 without health insurance in each county in California. When you compare, bear in mind the actual numbers and the size of our system (whole system capacity) including the number of medical center beds compared to other counties.

What you all do every day is truly spectacular.


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  1. Unfortunately, there are many health insurance misconceptions. There are actually many options for health insurance in California that can meet different needs. The health insurance companies are also coming out with new plans and incentives to try to make coverage more affordable, including for older Californians. There are programs available for Medigap, which covers the "gap" that Medicare doesn't cover. Also, many people make the mistake of viewing their health insurance payment as just another bill at the end of the month or year. Plans should be read very carefully and understood what you are covered for. Update your plan annually, and doing so will ensure that the individual or family has the right plan to best fit changing needs. Thanks for the article!