Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exploring Ethics at "Food For Thought"

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming "Food For Thought," a monthly ethics discussion facilitated by Dr Jon Stanger. This is a thought provoking evening and provides a wonderful environment to begin to think through many ethical dilemmas we face daily in our work and in our lives.

Here is the detail:
Food For Thought
Wednesday, September 15
5:30 - 7:30 PM
CCRMC, Building 1 Conference Room (i.e. the "noon conference room")

For this session, our topic will be "WORK". What do we want from our work? What is the meaning of work in the lives of individuals? Rewards? Disappointments? What, if anything, is special - or should be - about work in the field of health care? How does our work experience affect the care we provide? .....

We will review selections from Studs Terkel's classic book, Working: People Talk about What They Do All Day and How They Feel about What They Do. Terkel interviewed >100 people, asking about their work lives, and transcribed their stories. I think you'll find that they make fascinating reading. As always, no pressure – particularly this time, since all told it's fairly long. Read whatever parts you have time and inclination for. If you can't get to the reading - come to our session anyway. We all have our own work stories. You can find NPR's revisit of Terkel's 'Working' here.

As decided by the group, someone kindly volunteers to bring the food for this gathering (this rotates and is not required and by attending you will not be expected to do this). Please send Jon Stanger or Peter Delfiorentino an RSVP if you haven't already, so that we have a rough idea of how much food will be needed. Please try and remember to bring $5-10 to the session to cover the food costs as decided by the group. There is no charge for residents, students, and anyone with student loans.

So, mark your calendar, send in your RSVP, and enjoy as much of the reading as feasible.
Hope to see you there.

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