Sunday, December 26, 2010

Workforce Safety and Vitality: Request for your input


Workforce safety is a growing concerns facing health care systems across the nation. The need for a safe environment for all is paramount. For an environment to be safe, we must listen and respond to those who have their feet on the floor -- the employees.

I am seeking your ideas and feedback to design and build the necessary structure for continuous improvement of your work environment. I am proposing a dedicated Center for Workforce Safety and Vitality. The Center would develop a transparent and accountable process to support and amplify the voice of employees and meet their identified needs. For the Center to be truly employee-focused, I need your help

Below, or in your email, you will find a draft of a proposal for the Center. Please consider this document as a draft only as I am eager for your feedback. Please send your suggestions to Tess O'Riva, either by email at teresa.o' or transmittal to my office directly by 1/10/2011.

As we look to a new year and new opportunities to improve, I welcome your prompt feedback and creative thinking.

With respect,

Center for Workforce Safety Proposal for Employee Review

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