Saturday, December 11, 2010

Take-aways from Maureen Bisognano's Keynote at IHI's 22nd Annual Forum

"Together, our destination is the Triple Aim. It won’t be easy. It’ll take courage, new leadership skills, new care models, new business models, a commitment to equity, and new assumptions:

• Health care systems can be sustained with modest annual cost increases; and
• There is enough capacity in the systems to provide equitable, high-quality care to all; and
• Solutions to national problems will be designed and implemented at the local level"
Maureen Bisognano, President and CEO, Institute for Health Care Improvement

With ease and grace that I have come to associate with Maureen and her leadership, she called on us to listen. Listen to those we serve, listen to the workforce and listen to ourselves. The theme of this years forum was to 'Take Care.' I was honored to join my colleagues and fellow IHI Fellows in learning and collaboration. I love the forum because you are truly surrounded by amazing people who are actually changing the world for the better.

I was particularly excited about the patient and family delegates who joined the conference this year and the focus and challenge to us all to look to the single greatest untapped resource in health care, patients and families. They included a morning devoted to bringing together over 50 Patient Activists and Partners in Quality and Safety. The aim was to bring together activists to tell the healthcare system (us) how it (we) must change to lower cost, reduce waste, and improve their care without harm, and not mince words doing so. Many hospital chiefs say they are now preparing to put patients on their boards and executive teams.

Just imagine the possibilities....I think I like where this is going!

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