Friday, December 3, 2010

Joint Commission Survey

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers: Caring for and improving "the health of all people in Contra Costa County with special attention to those who are most vulnerable to health problems."

I am pleased to share with you that The Joint Commission completed their week-long survey of the hospital and health centers. The findings are remarkably positive and the surveyors noted many times that your commitment to quality and safety was extraordinary.

I want to thank all of you and our community partners for your commitment to our mission. The strength of our system is grounded in the shared vision of the Contra Costa County residents, leadership, dedicated and skilled staff, and our governing board, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.

Please take a moment to accept my sincere praise and gratitude. I am proud to work with you all as we continue our journey of continuous improvement to safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable care for all.

Today we celebrate, tomorrow we accelerate.



  1. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the leadership and all of those working on the front line of our health services delivery in Contra Costa County. I want to thank you Anna for your leadership, vision, and partnership.

    As a community partner and family member representative of the Healthcare Partnership and one of their appointed members to the Executive Operations Team, I have had a front row seat in the culture shift taking place. To sit among you at yesterday’s exit interview and hear the lead surveyor use the most glowing comments to the organization was simply a joy.

    I have also sat among you when things have gone very wrong. I have watched you suffer because you care so deeply about any harm that occurs in our system. I know that you are not satisfied with anything that prevents the highest standard of healthcare delivery. I know you are committed to improvement of safety and quality with the patient always as the focus. I have learned from you the true meaning of collaboration, partnership and devotion to the mission to serve our most vulnerable. It is a mission of deepest humanity and one that I honor and embrace.

    In July of 2009 I had a vision of hope. It included a change in how we work together and heal together. It included a change in how we make decisions and how we must remember that the delivery of care starts first with a patient’s needs and sometimes includes listening to an angry mom. Sometimes that anger is justified based on unbearable pain and harm by a fragmented system of care. In Contra Costa we are now integrating that system with a new sense of pride because you took the time to listen, learn and change. It will lead to less anger and the birth of new hope.

    I started my day yesterday sitting among you at the first Perinatal Rapid Improvement Event. Tears welled as I saw the video of a mom and dad with their newborn baby share their experience with the new Skin to Skin test of change for cesarean section births. I ended my day on the inpatient psychiatric unit with my husband where we visited our first born son. We remember the joy and hope of our son’s first day of life. It never included the illness that has so harmed him and changed our lives forever. This newborn and my 28 year old son epitomize the most vulnerable. Each of you has impacted their lives and their families with your dedication and service.

    Please accept my deepest gratitude to the leaders and staff who have welcomed me into the meetings that were once reserved for staff. I am with you all in this celebration and will give my all to the acceleration.

  2. You were missed at the CAPH meeting last week but CCRMC was excellently represented on the panel that Mike Rona led (or prosecuted!). It's inspiring to see the safety net hospitals demonstrating such a commitment to continuous improvement, and your blog provides a unique perspective!