Sunday, April 1, 2012

90-Day Readiness Assessment: On track with ccLink

On Wednesday, we conducted our 90-Day Readiness Assessment with Epic and the results show we are on track to launch our electronic health record system on July 1.

As I listened to the different teams report on how they are progressing on their pieces of the ccLink implementation, I was struck again by the enormity of the project. This is not an easy task- it is taking and will continue to take enormous dedication, commitment and teamwork on everyone’s part to achieve our goal.    

I also was thrilled to see how everything is coming together and how we are steadily moving closer to making our EHR a reality. This is an exciting time as we near the home stretch. We really are in our own “Spring Training” as we gear up for staff training next month. Keep an eye out for training updates from our Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Dr. Rajiv Pramanik. (You also can find the latest information on the ccLink page on iSITE or in the newsletter.)  

We are indeed a team, and you all are helping to bring ccLink to life. The work is immense but the payoff even more so. This isn’t just about an EHR, this is about transforming health and health care. The EHR is a key and essential step in our transformation to prepare our system for tomorrow. It will help us continue to be a leader in providing the best care with the best technology. 

With the ongoing system testing and the upcoming training, we’re moving from the conceptual to reality. We’re getting our hands on ccLink and seeing what needs tweaking and improvement. The next Go-Live Readiness Assessment, our 60-Day progress report, is on May 1 so please stay tuned. The process doesn’t end on July 1 when we go live. The fine-tuning will continue for some time as we perfect our system and you’ll get the support you need along the way.  

Everyone is pulling together to achieve this, and I appreciate all your hard work, flexibility, patience and dedication.

Thank you.

More, very soon...

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