Saturday, April 28, 2012

Education is Powerful Medicine: CCRMC Seamless Transitions Kaizen Report-Out

 The Report-Out was great. Congratulations to the team, which included providers and patients working to create seamless transitions in care. The group broke into three smaller teams that focused on important areas of opportunity to improve transitions in care. Working with front line providers and patients ideas were tested.

     Problem: Staff don’t know what education has already been given
      Prioritization Process
     Problem: No education focus or priority
     Problem: Majority of education given 10 minutes before discharge

It was great to see the human factors design embedded in the interventions. Teams focused on the development and testing of standard work. I noticed two new checklists- see the slides above. I was also pleased to see that in addition to clearly designing around the patients,  there was also a clear focus on measurement!

Many thanks to the team and to all who came out to hear the results from this weeks Kaizen.


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